Our Process:

Our goal of the first part of the process is to reach high-level agreement on the project scope, priorities and timeline. AB Generation Group is spend time to our Clients’ requirements and building a shared vision between the Client team and us.
The second of the process is a planning part, which is a mixture of requirements, documentation and conceptual design work. This is the step when the clients must first sign off on the Agreement Documentations before proceeding to the design of the job.
The design part is to explore creative options for create and build a product that is envisioned. The Customer signs off on the documents of the design before moving forward.
The last part of the process is a production, which is to build the solution described in the Agreement Documents. This part is a technology implementation phase, begins with programming, scripting and database construction, and ends with a tested project, complete with content. The beta site is signed off before proceedings get done. The final move is the site is migrated onto a live server, the print product sent and given on flash drive, or applications set up for the Client.
We give more after a deployment, AB Generation Group offers follow-up on services to our Clients. AB Generation Group provides a warranty for up to 30 days after the launch of the site or delivery of the print design product or the application. We also provide site care, promotion and website analytics.

Our maintenance:

Whenever you want to change your phone number on the contact page or build an entire mobile site, our dedicated client service team can design, develop, implement, so you will able to focus your company’s time and attention elsewhere.
AB Generation Group provide a Maintenance Service to manage both the front end and the back end of your website can significantly reduce website downtime, budgets spent on web training, and headaches when something goes wrong or design a new Business Card or even a sessional brochure to make your update and always fresh in design. If there’s an issue on your site or server just let us know and we will solve the issue as soon as possible.

As a Special Member:

AB Generation Group offers a special service for our Client. As a Special Member, you will have priority placement in our service queue. Whenever you join to this valuable Program, you will get a membership email address to contact us directly for updates or fixes. Being a Member means, after you sending an email with your request, it’s automatically secures your priority placement in our service queue, don’t waste your time with providing and approving estimates.

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